Monday, April 23, 2012

Vintage style bicycle project update

A little while ago we did a post on our bicycle project. We wanted to take a couple of cheap bikes we had, and to save some money we decided to overhaul these bikes. We took the them apart, making sure to keep the parts in bags. We sanded the old paint, once with a medium grit sand paper and again with a smooth grit. After or before sanding you can wash the frame and all the parts that are gonna get painted with dish soap to remove any grease. I like washing the frame after sanding so any dust left behind can be removed. Let it all dry and now you can spray the primer. We purchased all the paints at Home Depot. I chose almond and teal and my sister Geraldine chose flat black and pink. Here's where we're at so far. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Straw is back!

It seems that every year straw bags are never absent from the store shelves. But should it? It's perfect for the beach or wear around town on a warm day. It looks like it's no longer limited to just a beach bag either; earlier this month we spotted some odd (ugly?) slip-on sneakers! We also saw some adorable peep toe flats.... perfect for the beach. At any rate, we will always be fans of the straw bag.

Pantone color of the year

Suddenly.... a burst of ORANGE! Everywhere you go it calls your attention . . .
Flipping through magazines and shopping around town we've noticed, orange is all the rage. Looking at Pantone's website I found out the color of the year is called Tangerine Tango! Pantone comes up with a new color every year and this year it's: Pantone 17-1463 . We all see and interpret color differently, so Pantone company has made a standardized way for communicating color accurately across many types of industries. So go out in style with a little Tangerine in your outfit!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

vintage style bicycle project

Hey guys and gals!
With the on coming of the glorious spring weather, we got the urge to head out and bike ride. 'Wouldn't it be great if we had vintage bicycles to ride?' we thought. Sadly, we don't have the cash to either get new bikes or much less for amazing vintage ones. However, that did not stop us! A while back we got a beach cruiser and one of those thin racing bikes that are popular now. They're both old, perhaps from the 80s. They were free since they had some issues. So we decided to make due and DIY this whole project. We want to get a vintage look for less! Bellow are our before pictures. Not too great looking right?