About Us

Hello everyone! We are photographers with a LOVE for anything and everything vintage. We love old school rock-n-roll, classic cars, and photographs. This blog is for us to share all things that we think are rockin'! Well, we love vintage so much that we will be opening up our very own online store coming up January 2012! ;D

We will be sharing some snap shots about our lives as well as our take on living a vintage/ rockabilly lifestyle. We will share our vintage finds, photography, some of our favorite music, classic cars, beauty reviews,  and everything in between!

As recent college graduates, we feel this blog will help us in our search to find ourselves and figure out what to do next in life. We are excited to embark on this journey and dedicate ourselves to what makes us happy and hope you all enjoy what we have to share.

When deciding on the name for our blog we was looking for a phrase, a song, or an excerpt from a book that could reflect what we are all about. So when looking through our top rated music we found this wonderful song called 'That's My Desire' by Frankie Laine. If you like love songs this is a nice one. It is about a guy describing a date with the woman he loves. (cute) So take a listen and stay tuned, there will be a lot more great stuff to come!